Views of the front and back gardens throughout the day.


The Garden is treated as the residents own, they can tend to it or pursue other gardening hobbies they have, as long as they get permission from the Care Manager first.

The garden is also used during the summer, morning tea and coffee can be taken outside and activities are often held outside during the summer, weather permitting.

What we have

  • Raised Bedding
  • Seating area
  • Iluminations at night
  • Quite reading area
  • Wheel chair Accessable

Views of the various bedrooms.


The residents private rooms are fully carpeted, furnished attractively and are well appointed to a high standard of comfort and convenience. Every room has an emergency nurse call system to alert the staff on duty during the day or night. There are 16 single rooms and two double rooms that have ensuite facilities and the six other rooms have their own washing facilities.

Residents are most welcome to have their own television or radio, special keepsakes and personal items in their room.

What we have

  • Fully carpeted
  • Emergency call system
  • En-suite avaliable

Views of the dining area


The communal areas of the home comprise of the lounge, dining room and hairdressing room.

The lounge is used throughout the day, at the residents own leisure. A large screen television is provided for the residents to use. Many group activities take place in the lounge.

The dining room is where the residents have the option to take their meals. It includes a service hatch, for food to be served directly from the kitchen.

Lovat house has its own hairdressing room and a hair dressing service is offered twice a week

What we have

  • Friendly lounge area
  • Flat screen TV
  • Wheel chair accessable toilets
  • Hairdressing twice a week

Views of the bathrooms


We have 2 shower rooms, both having seated showers and two bathrooms. One having a Parker bath and the other one with a hoist.

There are 16 single rooms and two double rooms that have ensuite facilities and the six other rooms have basic washing facilities.

What we have

  • Parker Bath
  • Wheel chair accessable
  • Emergency call system